About the company

The main activity of TimberElement OÜ is to design, manufacture and build timber frame elements and to design and manufacture timber roof trusses. Our target market is mainly Scandinavian countries but during the last years we have also turned out attention to the domestic market.

Our aim is to be custumer-centered by evaluating customers’ time and ideas. We will find the best solution even to the most innovative projects.

We are precise and dutiful in our work and performance. We fulfil all our commitments meaning that we reject new projects rather than break our promise to our customers.

We are professionals in our field and due to our extensive experiences we can offer the best and most reasonable solutions.


Depending on the volume of work  there is a specialized team of four to eight members working in our production facility. All of them have the necessary skills and experiences to assure quality production.

Compiling necessary drawings for the designing and assembling processes is also a relevant process for manufacturing constructions. We compile the necessary documentation independently  by using special software. More specific mathematical calculations are done by our long-term partners of engineerings offices. We will also take care of compiling the collection of all the necessary technical calculations and drawings.



The size of the production facility is 1200m2 large and it is located at 20km from Tallinn. Right beside the production facility there is a large asphalted area where loading the products onto truck trailers or sea containers takes place. The rooms of the production facility are insulated and heated which enables us to manufacture year round in dry and quality conditions. The size and height of the production building allows us to load the products onto the transportation even indoors, if necessary. We also store ready elements and building materials in the production building until we deliver them to the customer. Assembling walls, roofs, separating walls and covering elements is done on a hydraulic table which enables us to produce up to 9m long elements. The height of the elements is only limited by the size of the means of transport which is used to deliver elements to the customer (standard height is 2.7 m).


Element houses

Below you will find a list of all the services provided by Timberelement OÜ:

  • Manufacturing and assembling timber frame wall constructions and elements
  • Manufacturing and assembling timber elements of inserted ceilings
  • Manufacturing and assembling timber roof trusses, as well as insulated ready –made roof elements
  • Manufacturing dwelling house modules with internal and external finishings
  • Foundation works and installation of foundation elements
  • Internal finishing and painting works

You can build various constructions and buildings from timber frame elements manufactured by us.

The products we provide can be used in the manufacturing of the follow:

  • Terraces
  • Sheds
  • Shelters
  • Garden houses
  • Summer houses
  • Private residences
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Row houses
  • Apartment houses
  • Public buildings
  • Warehouses and manufacturing buildings


It is also possible to get a turnkey solution from us. This solution includes all the construction stages like designing , applying for the construction authorisation and also internal finishings and applying for the authorisation for use. This way the customer can leave the construction to the professionals in this field.


We offer different cooperation opportunities to the constructors and resellers. We are always flexible and well-disposed when it comes to negotiations.

For the constructors and developers we offer:

  • Fast delivery deadlines
  • Optimal solutions
  • Quality production

For the resellers we offer:

  • Full product support
  • Best delivery deadlines
  • Expansive product catalogue


Why choose our element houses

  • Dependable quality
  • Manufactured in dry indoor conditions
  • Fast installation year round
  • Customer-centered manufacture based on the customer’s needs
  • Usage of certified materials
  • Competitive price
  • Flexible payment conditions
  • Bank guarantee
  • Fixed budget