Wall elements

Our manufactured wall constructions differ from each other according to the following factors:

  • Thickness of the insulation material
  • Thickness of the used beam: 120 or 145 mm in internal bearing separating walls, 120/145/195 mm in external walls
  • Covering material of the external side (facade): weatherboard on frame, wind plasterboard, OSB-board
  • Covering material of the internal side: plasterboard (single x1 or double x2), OSB-board + plasterboard, Fermacell-board, moisture resistant plasterboard (for wet rooms)
  • Power systems: installation of the wiring ducts for the cables on construction site and installation of the plastic slots for the plugs and switches on construction site.


In all the external wall elements, regardless of their type, we use:

  • Dry (12 to 18%) planed beam which corresponds to the strength category of c18 to c24
  • Insulation (mineral wool) with the heat insulation category of at least 37
  • Moisture barrier film 0,2 mm
  • Connecting beams is done with special adhesive coated nails

Coefficient „U” of heat resistance of walls with depends on the thickness of the insulation material:

In case the insulation thickness is 145+45mm                  0,218W/m2k

In case the insulation thickness is 195+45mm                  0,174W/m2k

In case the insulation thickness is 145+45+45mm          0,127W/m2k


Dimensions of wall panels are limited by the size of the means of transport (truck trailer, sea container, platform) which we use. Standard height of walls is 2,7m and the length is 9m.


Floor elements

To reduce the time spent on an object we sometimes need to use ready-made cover panels or floor elements for first floor in case of post foundation or in case of simple ceramsite or lightweight concrete blocks. In that case we produce ready elements which are quick to assemble. The construction of these elements consists of the following:

  • OSB-boards or chipboards on floor 22mm
  • Moisture barrier film (in case of first floor elements)
  • Load bearing constructures made of beams with 45×195/220 mm pitch 300 to 600 mm
  • Insulation (mineral wool) 200 mm
  • OSB 10 mm (in case of floor element of first floor)
  • Frame with the thickness of 18-28 mm to attach plasterboard or timber lining


Roof elements

Depending on the type, slope, dimensions of roof and the size of under-roof space (non-residental attic, mansard), one of the two bearing construction solutions is used. The most practical and common solution  is usually a frame made of timber trusses that is securely assembled by metal mounting plates. Trusses of such construction are highly resistant to snow and wind load. This method enables to manufacture bearing roof constructions of different shapes and dimensions fast and simple.

Dimensions of trusses are limited by the size of the means of transport (truck trailer, sea container, platform). Standard height of walls is 2,7m and the length is 12m.

If building of roof constructions requires time saving, there is another option which means using ready-made elements supplied with insulation and moisture barrier on the outside.

In case the insulation thickness is 220mm 0,177W/m2k

In case the insulation thickness is 220+45 mm 0,148W/m2k


House sets

The house sets we offer are assembled from various elements and detailed according to the customer’s desire. The basic set contains external walls, internal bearing constructions and roof trusses. If a customer wishes to order an entire house set this set would contain the following (if to use all of our production possibilities):

  1. External wall elements- Element is covered with coloured timber lining on the outside + frame (if the facade is later covered with weatherboards), wind plasterboard, bearing timber frame with mineral wool, moisture barrier film, electric cable ducts + slots for switches and plugs, plasterboard. Windows are built-in and the window jambs are constructed afterwards.
  2. Internal bearing wall elements- ready timber frame + other materials necessary to finish internal walls (insulation, plasterboard).
  3. Materials for constructing non-bearing separating walls- spliced beam (45×66) or metal frame + other materials necessary to finish internal walls (insulation, plasterboard).
  4. Covering materials between floors- Ready-made elements to finish covering works on site or materials necessary to produce them: Floor OSB 22mm, bearing beams 45×195/220, thermal and sound insulation 100mm (and 195/220mm around the house), building board (for ceilings), frame, covering material for ceilings (timber lining or plasterboard).
  5. Roof- Ready-made elements or trusses + materials necessary to finish roof: covering material for roof (roof tiles, roof sheets, roof felt and other materials), frame, distance slats, film (or roof felt + OSB board), ready-made trusses, insulation (mineral wool), wind plasterboard on frame within the entire extent of roof which ensures the air space between the roof insulation material and film, moisture  barrier film (for indoor installation), frame and covering material for ceiling (timber lining or plasterboard).
  6. External door set- Set of external doors, balcony doors and terrace doors according to the customer’s desire.