Useful information


Below we have supplied out some answers to the questions which the customers are most interested in when ordering our houses.

Sequence of the works

Deadlines of completion

Delivering products to the customer

Installation works of the house

Foundation works

1.     Sequence of the works


If you have decided to turn to us to get a quote for the works and services, the procedure is as follows:

  • Send us the drawings of your house (project) in a format that you find most suitable: DWG, PDF, JPG or in some other formats. The project has to contain the following data: plans of all floors, views from four sides, sectional views. Let us know about your desires as detailed as possible, about what exactly, in which set, in what time-frame and to which location you wish to order from us. The more complete the information you give us the more detailed quote we can provide.
  • We will look through your project within 2-3 days and then we will provide the initial quote.
  • If the price and deadlines offered by us are suitable for you, we will start more precise negotiations with you about the most suitable and desired materials, technology, assemblies and all the agreed solutions (including the preliminary working schedule) and after that we would conclude a contract with you which protects the rights of both parties. The contract also includes the specifications where the following necessary technical data is resounded:
  1. Exact type, amount and color code of the paint (facade color, roof color and so on).
  2. Specifications of the windows and doors (with the clearly marked opening direction, thermal coefficient and so on), as well as the dimensions of the windowsills and window jambs, construction materials and so on.



2.     Deadlines of completion


The deadline of completion depends on the following production stages:

  1. Technical engineering calculations and projection

Depending on the complexity and volume of work of the planned construction, the stage of calculation and projection may take about 3-5 days (1-2 floor constructions with surface area of up to 250m2). The cost of compiling the calculation and projection is generally included in the price of the final product and the customer doesn’t have to pay for it separately. If the customer wishes to get additional strength calculations of our constructions then these are compiled as an additional service by our partners of engineering.

  1. Ordering materials and delivering them to our factory

Beams, mineral wool and plasterboard are the kind of expense items which we always have in our stock reserve and in case of using such materials it is possible to start constructing the frame right away. Ordering other materials and goods may take about 4-5 weeks:

  • Laminated beams (depending on dimensions and amount) 4-5 weeks
  • Timber and timber/aluminium windows and doors 2-5 weeks
  • Plastic windows and balcony/terrace doors 2-4 weeks
  • Roof sheets up to 2 weeks

Delivery deadline of different products vary by product groups depending on delivery policy of manufacturers.

  1. Manufacturing elements

We start manufacturing the elements right after the completion of the technical engineering drawings, in case the required amount of necessary materials are in stock. Production time of the construction elements depends on the following factors: necessity to install external lining (including grounding and painting), necessity to install plastic pipes and power system plugs (depending on electricity project), necessity to install internal covering materials etc.

Usually it takes no more than 2 weeks to construct a house with the size of 150m2 of surface area, plus installing windows after they have arrived (2-3 days). We always install external doors on site.

3. Delivering products to the customer


Delivering our products from production plant to the construction site is done by truck trailers or some other solution suitable for road transport, in case the transport takes place via motorways. If necessary, we load the elements into sea containers.

Transit time depends on the distance to the construction site from our production facility (also includes the time spent on loading):

Estonia                                                                                                      1 day

Finland (up to 300km from Helsinki)                                                       2 days

Sweden (up to 700km from Stockholm)                                                   3 days

Norway (up to 300km from Oslo or up to 700km from Stockholm)       3 days

Transport prices depend on the distance of destination and these are agreed on separately for every order.  It is always up to customers to choose whether to leave the organizing of the transport to us or to organize it by themselves. Ordering a crane to the construction site for unloading is on the customer’s responsibility (outside Estonia).


4.     Installation works of the house


The installation works of the house start by unloading the elements from the trailer to the foundation. This way we reduce the crane expenses and the need to store the elements.

Below there is a list of the main stages of the installation works (in the brackets are the time limits to perform the construction stages of a house with the size of 120-160m2):

  1. Construction of the house shell with making it weatherproof (11-16 working days)
  • Installing the external and internal bearing wall elements (1 day)
  • Installing trusses or roof sheets (1 day)
  • Levelling all the assembled elements and final fixing of the elements with eachother (1 day)
  • Covering the roof with film (or with OSB-boards + ruberoid) + distance slat + preparing the surface under the covering material of roof (2-3 days)
  • Installing the water runoff of the windows, missing boards of the external weatherboards (junction of the walls, junctions between the floors etc.), constructing the soffits (3-5 days)
  • Installing the covering material of roof (roof sheets, roof tiles etc.) + installing the rain pipes and channels (3-5 days)


  1. Preparation stage of „ready for internal finishing works” (14-20 working days)
  • Installing the internal non-bearing separating walls and covering them on one side by leaving the element open on the other side to enable the installation of water, electricity and other communication systems) (3-5 days)
  • Installing the bearing constructions between the floors (cpmpletion), covering the constructions, installing the thermal and sound insulation material, installing the frame to enable to perform all the necessary bushings of electric pipes etc under the ceiling (3-5 days)
  • Installing the bearing roof constructions (completing), insulation works of roof, slanting walls, attic (mansard). Installing the moisture barrier film, frame for installing the ceiling material like boards or plasterboards etc (3-5 days)
  • *Installation works of all the communication systems (electricity, ventilation, sanitary, sewerage and heating system) will be performed by the specialists who will be ordered by the customer or by us (based on the agreement). Performing all these works has to take place at the same time as our construction.
  • Covering all the walls, covering the ceilings with the chosen materials (plasterboard, Fermacell-board, Isotex-board) (5 days)


Therefore, from the beginning of the installation of the house until the stage of completion „ready for internal finishing works” it takes 25-36 days which means 4-6 weeks if to apply the six-day working schedule. The final deadline of the delivery of works and the installation schedule generally depends on the complexity of the roof construction, existance of balconies, masard windows, terraces or the time spent on the installation of the electricity, ventilation and other communication systems.

Installation of houses is performed by our team of installation specialists who have long-term experiences in performing the named works in Estonia and abroad. Each construction team consists of four to six workers who have their own transportation to the construction site and all the necessary equipment to perform quality work. Each team has their own manager whose task is to arrange the work, documentation and other necessary activity and to ensure the quality performing of the work. In case of performing works abroad the manager is a person who can speak the necessary language to communicate with the customer. In Finland it is Finnish, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark it is English.


Paying for the installation works of the house takes place according to the fixed price and it does not change due to the possible additional time cost or additional materials which are necessary for installation by the costumer (except, when the project is changed during the work).


5.     Foundation works


In addition to assemblying houses we also perform foundation works. The most common and optimal foundation type for our houses is a so called foundation slab which is surrounded by insulating polystyrene foam modules and covered with Minerit-board, therefore after covering the foundation the substratum of the house is already ready and insulated (does not need additional finishing works). Making such a foundation does not take more than 2-3 weeks for a house of 120-160m2 (includes earth works, earth compaction, installing thermal insulation, installing plumbing,  installing floor heating pipes). The foundation also withstands moderate fluctuations and moving of the substratum. In case of correct planning and correct performing of the foundation works, there won’t be any further subsidings or crackings. For such a foundation there is no need to dig deep foundation holes, and in case of simpler cases, just a slight removal of earth and gravel and thin layer of sand under the external elements of the foundation is enough.